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Managed IT – Peace of mind

Constant change is inevitable when it comes to IT systems. New users, devices, cloud providers, demands from customers, new software, software updates… All of which can be difficult to navigate and understand, and even harder to implement and support.

Evolve offer a full range of services for organisations of different sizes. We provide clear and transparent reporting and the ability to size the support requirements to your budget and operational needs.

We work with a diverse range of customers and environments, and have the flexibility to cover both on-premise and remote or cloud support.

We have the ability to interact with your current IT team and providers to plug skills shortages to deliver the best outcomes for you.

While Evolve Technologies provide excellent remote services – our team still love to visit your business and work on-premise to manage hardware, software and some business services – we understand that some businesses aren’t yet ready to move to cloud services.

Our Managed IT Services include systems monitoring, data security, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and more, all of which can be bundled together at a price you can afford.

Why not concentrate on what you do best; running your business.
Let us take care of what we do best – keeping your IT running smoothly!

Let us take care of what we do best – keeping your IT running smoothly!

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