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What Do We Do?

Business IT

Systems monitoring

Data security


Disaster recovery

Hosted phone

Sale of the desk phones

Porting your current phone number/s to a new Hosted Phone system

Automated Attendants, Call flows, Menu systems — education of many more useful features.

Compatible with softphones to allow a phone application to run on your computer.


Business Grade PC’s and laptops

Network and wireless equipment like switches, routers and access points

Lenovo Servers

Managed print

Supply and installation of printers

Inclusive of consumables supplies — toner & copy paper

Internet Services

Fibre Optic, NBN and Microwave technologies available through a variety of wholesalers (dependant on location)

Offices/Microsoft 365

Hosted Email


Microsoft Teams

Advanced Email and access security offerings to ensure your data is SAFE

Backups of O365 data (Microsoft do not backup your data, they have redun dancy to safeguard against failure and retention policies for X amount of days).

Offsite backups &
Disaster Management

Onsite and cloud server backups to a variety of locations to meet all budgets and Disaster Recovery requirements

Cloud hosting

Move your on – premises servers to the Cloud.


Evolve can finance all your IT capital expenditure including hardware, software, licenses, and labour.